Kings Stone LawFirm skilled team of lawyers offers comprehensive real estate services. We represent private and institutional investors, property owners, developers, and financiers in a broad range of transactions such as:

  • Drafting and negotiating real estate contracts and other conveyance documents
  • Facilitating real estate development plans
  • Perfecting title to real estate
  • Structuring the financing of complex real estate transactions, including mortgages
  • Representing companies in buying and selling of real estate
  • Ensuring regulatory and permit compliance with pertinent laws and authorizing bodies
  • Executing lease agreements between various entities

Real property law affects many different aspects of business and commercial transactions. For example, developing, constructing, or expanding a new business operation usually involves the acquisition of real estate. Likewise, the merger and acquisition of companies and financial institutions is likely to involve real estate transactions as well. Kings Stone LawFirm often represents companies in energy development, such as mining of oil and gas. These developments, too, necessitate the acquisition or use of real estate. As a result, nearly any type of company, large or small, will have legal real estate issues that may arise on a frequent basis.

The lawyers at Kings Stone LawFirm help clients to navigate routine and highly complex real property matters.  Since real property issues arise in the context of corporate, commercial, and financial transactions, our law firm can provide you with the guidance and advice necessary to achieving your company’s objectives. Whether your matter involves proposed development of land, oil and mining leases, a property line dispute, or another real property issue, Kings Stone LawFirm will work to resolve the matter in an efficient and beneficial manner.